Anonymous: Ooo your mobile header is so cute it's like kinda peace chic whered ya get it post it

I took it at Central Park thanks

Anonymous: ok so like i actually google translated that and you're honestly being so rude right now like that is not even a french word or whatever & let me tell you i've sucked french dick b4 so i'm pretty versed in francois so w/e bye no time for your E list shit right now later.

lmaooooooooooo, it’s my last name.

Anonymous: what does umvnzor even mean like really

It means kiss my ass in French

Anonymous: are you straight?

when ur ready come and get it na na na

Anonymous: You're so cute, your outfits are so cute, your aesthetic is so cute wow date me

I luv u who is you

I go to school and work in New York City why don’t I live here what the fuck

I watch the Devil Wears Prada religiously I’m so gay